Lewis Thomas
Bateson , Lewis Thomas , John Todd , Donald Michael, Christopher Bird , Thomas Berry , David Abram , Michael Cohen , and William Fields. Some 500 people attended. [43] Second Gaia conference[ edit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaia_Hypothesis

William White
Trio & The Conflict | Ursina | Vale Tudo | Wallis Bird | Waving Hands | Weekend Phantom | Wildsnake | William White | Wolfheart | Zatokrev | Zlang Zlut 2015 7 Dollar Taxi | 77 Bombay Street | A Place http://www.schuur.ch/info/bands-1992-2015/

Albert Murray
siblings also balanced precariously on the color line. Also, a William Soloman marrying a Penny Bird, was not the only connection http://www.jobschildren.com/search/label/PeeDee

Fanny Russel
Kirk, Frances Kirk, Charlotte Melton, William Solomon. Later another supoena of the same list with the name Aaron Saunders added. Arrest warrant for Ann Bird, Fall Term http://www.jobschildren.com/2013/08/juice.html

Carolina Jackson
Carolina Jackson H. Bird and Sarah Smith Jan. 8, 1854 (son of Henry Bird) William Bird and Charlotte Austin Jan 28, 1864 Almond Boysworth and Frances Smith http://www.jobschildren.com/2013/09/melton-marriages-stanly-and-rowan.html

Calvin Bird Polly
purchase with Calvin, most likely referring to Calvin Bird. Polly made a purchase on the same day as William B Christian, Eli Shad and Randall Howell. Here William http://www.jobschildren.com/2013_09_01_archive.html

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