Carolina Henry

Henry Schroeder
Henry Schroeder ab. Nach mehreren Praktika im Fach Neurochirurgie im In- und Ausland während des Studiums (Wake University North Carolina, Prof. Takanori Fukushima, University of New South Wales, Prof

James Henry
supported institution of higher learning. [19] James Henry Roper, an educator from North Carolina and a state senator from Alachua County , had opened a school in Gainesville, the Gainesville Academy

Lee Felsenstein
Gates, Founder Microsoft Corporation Anne Meyer, Center for Applied Special Tech. Dr. Henry Fuchs, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Henry VII
area for King Henry VII. These claims were the basis for Charles I’s 1629 grant of “Carolana” to Sir Robert Heath, who failed to settle Carolina before the execution

Henry Love
September 1, 2012 Henry Love, Tildie Aldridge, Prussia Murray and the Significance of Wolf Pit PI n the 1850 census, Wolf Pit Township, Richmond County, North Carolina in Household

Carolina Superior
older brother Henry, my direct ancestor. State of North Carolina Superior Court Stanly County December 18, 1882 James M Redwine (Business partner and best friend). Admin. of Ed W. Davis

Henry Delamothe
uncle, Henry Delamothe, was one of the earliest settlers on the Montgomery County side of the river, and he came over during the North Carolina Gold Rush in search

Edith Claire
Henry, Kenneth, Edith Claire, Ione Gladys and Daniel C Robertson. Who was Goodwin s firstborn child whom he was served a Bastardy bond on in Stanly County, North Carolina

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