Gaia Gokstadhaugen
Vassfaret Fla Röros Rödberg Röllag Nore Uvdal Geilo Laerdal Sandefjord Walfang Southern Actor Gaia Gokstadhaugen Gokstad Tönsberg Istrehagan Kaupang Mölen Tusenfryd Seljord Tana bru Hamar Tingvoll Elverum

Julius Caesar
American Actor born 1934. Pater Ralph on Thorn Birds , Dr.James Kildare on Dr.Kildare (1961-66), Shogun , Casanova , Black Rain , Julius Caesar , Petulia , Story of Cinderella , Quatermain

Sharon Bialy
member of IMD b Pro is one of the most important things an actor can do." Access STAR meter & MOVIE meter

Timothy Van
Brooklyn, New York, USA as Christopher Van Patten. He is a director and actor, known for Boardwalk Empire (2010), Die Sopranos (1999) and The Pacific

Jason Liles
more Jason Liles is the 6ft 9 actor who plays George the gorilla alongside Dwayne Johnson (AKA The Rock) in sci-fi action movie Rampage and has just shot scenes

Philip Schofield
Coronation Street, Eastenders, Emmerdale, Doctors and Hollyoaks attend to see who would bag Best Actor, Best

Coral Award
Toronto 2013, section Contemporary World Cinema Minsk 2013: International Critic Award for Best Actor (Fernando Bacilio) In competition 2013 in Huelva, Festival des 3 Continents in Nantes Goa 2013, section

Claude Monet
pastel ball python Monet Emile, named after pastel artist Claude Monet and actor Emile Hirsch. Matthew is Harvest’s resident karaoke MC, and has helped lead Forecast from just

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