James Shore

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James Shore
Stechen: 9. Rang Sparky, 16. Rang Quillini CS Galgenen 12. - 16. August 2015 Für James Shore, war dies das erste Turnier mit unseren Pferden. James ist ein guter Reiter http://horsemanagement.ch/news/

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John J. Shore II, Dale M. Short, H. Drexel Short, Michael A. Short, Ph D, Ted H. Short, Ph D, Terry Shortridge, MD, Joseph Shott, James Edward Shottafer http://www.petitionproject.org/signers_by_last_name.php?run=S

James Shore
Agile SM James Shore "You influenced me to think in completely different ways, and to question traditional assumptions about everything I thought I knew" —Chris W., Extreme Programmer and Coach http://www.jamesshore.com/Blog/

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