Shawn Paonessa

Neil Gobioff
book is written by the Jobsite’s own dynamic duo, Neil Gobioff and Shawn Paonessa. Charged and bombastic, Arnie Ellis gives audiences such spirited hysterics, he shouldn’t have

Sean Flynn
Flynn ), as well as the Bay area. Bay area playwrights include Neil Gobioff and Shawn Paonessa who wrote Learning Swerve for Jobsite’s first Original Works Y2K: Yearn

Neil Gobioff
short comedy by Neil Gobioff and Shawn Paonessa, live music and arrangements of some of Cave’s songs by Kevin Spooner and two ensemble pieces co-directed by Holcom

Bill Windsor
tended to by the bumbling-yet-sweet local GP Bill Windsor (Shawn Paonessa ) whose words slowly turn from complete gibberish to clear English as she regains consciousness and her composure

Shawn Paonessas
Folz Shawn Paonessa’s understated CB was a pleasure to watch. Summer Bohnenkamp’s Van’s Sister should be termed “brilliant.” Brian Smallheer’s super lighting design was spot

Joe Popp
abridged) . Joe Popp, Shawn Paonessa and Neil Gobioff recently teamed up to reinvent Pericles as a mafioso-laden rock musical, prompting Jobsite’s first appearance Off Broadway at HERE Arts

Blake High
encore memorial performance of The Guys directed by Brian Shea and associate directed by Shawn Paonessa

Giles Davies
Giles Davies – Sherlock Holmes, et. al. David M. Jenkins – Doctor Watson, et. al. Shawn Paonessa – Sir Henry Baskerville, et. al. Matthew Ray – Stage Manager Naomy Ambroise – Assistant Stage Manager

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